Kubuntu 9.04 - system tray and panel lost! Nearly totally stuck!

Bas Roufs basroufs at gmail.com
Mon Apr 27 21:42:30 UTC 2009

Dear everybody

Again, I have problems with the system tray and panel. They simply do
not appear any more. A few times I tried to get them back as follows:
via terminal > sudo mc > I copied .kde to .kde-orig and than I deleted
recursively the .kde directory. After restarting the computer, I hoped
to get back the panel and system tray, because I had done so when I
experienced a similar problem with Kubuntu 8.10. But now, no system
tray and panel do come back after restarting the system.

Is there any software you could recommend me to UNinstall and
afterwords freshly reinstall in order to get back the panel and system
tray??? Is there any other way to fix this problem??!!

At this moment, I can run only one package at the same time, via
ALT-F2. So, I am really nearly totally stuck now.

So, I would really appreciate your  help.

Respectfully Yours,


Bas G. Roufs M.A.
Van 't Hoffstraat 1
NL-3514 VT  Utrecht
M. +31.6.446.835.10
T. +31.30.785.20.40
BasRoufs at gmail.com

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