no "upgrade available" notification

Derek Broughton derek at
Sun Apr 26 15:27:47 UTC 2009

D. R. Evans wrote:

> Clay Weber said the following at 04/25/2009 07:42 PM :
>> Have you tried the instructions given in the link? They are  there in
>> case such an event as yours happens. Just follow the link from there to
>> the 8.10
> I beg to differ. They are there (I think) for the case that the updater
> somehow is not running.

Yeah - seemed like a good thing to try first, to me :-)
>> specific instructions (or whichever version you have). It will tell you
>> how to make the updater start if you do not get the notification.
> Um... I hate to say this, but:
> 1) that's not the question. The question was: should I be worried that I
> haven't seen an upgrade notification?
> The answer seems to be "Yes", but no one has actually said that yet.

Well, no, the answer is "not if you don't actually have the update-notifier
running", and there's no evidence in any of your previous posts that you

> [Of course, if the answer *is* "Yes", the follow-on question is going to
> be: (1) how could that have happened? 

I installed Intrepid, fresh, two weeks ago, and it never ran the
update-notifier until I started it up after Jaunty was released.  So "how"
is simple - it isn't turned on by default.

> (2) how do I fix it?] But I repeat  that we have not passed the threshold
issue yet.]

You follow Clay's advice.

> I know that the instructions tell me how to start the updater. I don't see
> the relevance. If I start the updater manually, it simply tells me that
> there is no upgrade. 

Now that's a whole different problem from the one you originally asked. 
Once you have the update-notifier running, you may perhaps need to choose
the "Fetch lists" option to update the available changes (I have no idea if
that's required - I had just run "aptitude update" when I first started the

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