acer aspire one & Kubuntu

Brian Norman Wootton Brian.Meg at
Sun Apr 26 08:54:42 UTC 2009

I ahav an Acer Aspire One mini notebook with a hard drive of 160GB and 
1.5giga ram. Should I install Kubuntu Jaunty  32bit or is there a 
"special" version for mini notebooks?

I had no trouble putting 32b Intrepid onto an Acer Aspire One, it all worked
pretty well- EXCEPT I could not get wireless networking running with or without
WEP. I suspect that that I couldn't find the right driver, though it's just as
likely to have been me having my usual fight with Kubuntu's networkmanager -
mutter mutter. Jaunty's networkmanager may have improved, I haven't managed to
find it yet, Only installed Jaunty an hour ago. I've edited /etc/hosts directly 
so far. If you proceed and succeed with your AA1 I would appreciate a few clues 
on how you do it.

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