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Clay Weber claydoh at
Sun Apr 26 01:42:16 UTC 2009

On Saturday 25 April 2009 6:13:29 pm D. R. Evans wrote:
> Sascha G=C3=BCthling said the following at 04/25/2009 09:05 AM :
> > Hi Doc,
> >=20
> > Just go to and follow the upgrade guides under the release
> > notice. That worked for me.
> I didn't actually ask how to upgrade, though :-(
> My point is that the first sentence in the instructions is: "1) The updat=
> e
> notifier will report that a new distribution version is available. Click =
> on
> its icon.".
> It says this *will* happen. It hasn't happened (yet). Nor can I force it =
> to
> happen by forcing a download of the repositories. Hence my question: shou=
> ld
> I be worried?
> In other words my system is completely consistent: it simply doesn't
> believe that an upgrade is available.
> Maybe I have something configured wrongly. There has to be a reason why
> something that *will* happen has not happened. But I can't find any
> configuration that causes the upgrade notification to appear. Maybe I'm
> being a worry-wort and at some point in the next few days it will appear.=
> but it seems strange that I can't find anything anywhere that says "this
> won't happen until a few days after the release".
>   Doc
> --=20
> Web:

Have you tried the instructions given in the link? They are  there in case 
such an event as yours happens. Just follow the link from there to the 8.10 
specific instructions (or whichever version you have). It will tell you how to 
make the updater start if you do not get the notification.

With folks upgrading from system using unsupported repos such as backports or 
PPA's, there will be some issues that pop up like this.
Clay Weber

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