no "upgrade available" notification

D. R. Evans doc.evans at
Sat Apr 25 22:13:29 UTC 2009

Sascha G=C3=BCthling said the following at 04/25/2009 09:05 AM :
> Hi Doc,
> Just go to and follow the upgrade guides under the release
> notice. That worked for me.

I didn't actually ask how to upgrade, though :-(

My point is that the first sentence in the instructions is: "1) The updat=
notifier will report that a new distribution version is available. Click =
its icon.".

It says this *will* happen. It hasn't happened (yet). Nor can I force it =
happen by forcing a download of the repositories. Hence my question: shou=
I be worried?

In other words my system is completely consistent: it simply doesn't
believe that an upgrade is available.

Maybe I have something configured wrongly. There has to be a reason why
something that *will* happen has not happened. But I can't find any
configuration that causes the upgrade notification to appear. Maybe I'm
being a worry-wort and at some point in the next few days it will appear.=

but it seems strange that I can't find anything anywhere that says "this
won't happen until a few days after the release".



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