no "upgrade available" notification

David McGlone david at
Sat Apr 25 15:07:42 UTC 2009

On Saturday 25 April 2009 10:21:11 am D. R. Evans wrote:
> My laptop has a just-about-as-vanilla-as-possible installation of intrepid
> on it. No betas, no PPA, no 4.2, nothing other than completely official
> intrepid packages.
> I have seen no trace of an "upgrade is available" icon, which surprises me.
> If I force a download of all the repositories (from the main Canonical
> server), I don't see any obvious failures, but still the system doesn't
> suggest that there are any kinds of updates or upgrades available.
> Should I be worried? (Maybe Canonical haven't pushed the upgrade yet in
> order to keep the load down on their servers?)

I'm running 8.10 4.2 and have the icon on both laptop and desktop. I haven't 
attempted to upgrade yet. I'm going to wait a week or two for things to settle 

David M.

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