Jaunty Static IP address

marc gmane at auxbuss.com
Sat Apr 25 12:35:32 UTC 2009

Paul Lemmons said:

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> Date: 04/24/2009 03:03 PM
>> Paul Lemmons said:
> <snip>
>> What am I missing?
>> Removing Network Manager and amending /interfaces.
>> All done.
> Interesting... I thought we were supposed to moving *away* from backend
> file editing. I have not had to do this for a very long time.

That would be fine if the front end apps were changing the 
appropriate .conf files. Network Manager doesn't and I think this is a 
serious flaw.

One of Linux's strengths is being able to go to the canonical location 
and fix things by hand when things go wrong. I'm not advocating this 
above pointy clicky interfaces, I'm all for ease of use, but there has to 
be an associate convntion.

Same problem with audio, which I now find impenetrable.

Can't say I'm enamoured with the move away from xorg.conf either.

Big mistakes being made, imo.


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