Shift key started acting like Caps Lock

Willy Hamra w.hamra1987 at
Fri Apr 24 17:10:31 UTC 2009

2009/4/24 GreyGeek <GreyGeek at>:
> I have been running K9.04 JJ since alpha5.  The last updates I received
> notification for (the gear in sys tray) was the day before yesterday.
> After that update I began noticing that both Thunderbird and FireFox
> began behaving weirdly while I was typing in various input boxes or edit
> panels.
> I can be typing along when suddenly the keys become all caps, as if the
> Caps Lock were pressed, but it was not.  The Caps Lock is off.  If I
> touch the Shift Key I can return to lower case.    If I deliberately use
> the Shift Key to create an upper case it works normally.   After I press
> and hold the Shift Key and then press the letter key and then release
> both keys the lower case letter is printed and the lower case mode
> remains.
> However, while the placement icon is in a blank area with no characters
> on either side, If I press and release the Shift Key and then press the
> "period" key, a right carrot appears instead.  If I press and release
> the Shift Key again, and then press the "period" key, a period shows.
> This occurs regardless of whether I have the touch pad active or
> deactivated.
> I have not changed any keyboard layouts, hot keys, or other keyboard
> configurations.
> GG

i'm guessing it's an accessibility feature. go to system settings,
under personal, accessibility.
if you hve no accessibility issues you can safely disable all gestures
and modifier keys. though it might not be an access. feature that you
are having.

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