Code to change from read-only file system to read/write file system?

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Wed Apr 22 13:58:48 UTC 2009

Frans wrote:
> On Tue, 21 Apr 2009 16:57:35 -0400, stevenvollom wrote:
>> Eberhard Roloff wrote:
>>> Steven,
>>> there must be a reason why your filesystem is mounted read only.
>>> What is shown on the console immediately before you get your logon
>>> prompt?
>>> Kind regards
>>> Eberhard
>> Boot from (hd0,0) ext3    fbfd44c0-3370-4760-864d-2b179978ed27 Starting
>> up...
>> Loading, please wait...
>> Ubuntu 8.10 Yesua tty1
> But you are using Ubuntu 9.04 I thought?
>> Yesua login: _
>> That is all that is on that page, and I don't know how to view the
>> previous page.
>> Steven
>     -Frans (confused)
I am as confused as you are.  I never noticed the reference to 8.10 and 
8.04 before.  I looked at my CD and it has 64bit Jaunty Beta Kubuntu KDE 
on it, for a title.

When I changed from my old system to the new, I changed from 32bit to 
64bit.  None of my CD's have the OS number written on them; I wrote the 
name Jaunty to help me remember the new OS name.  I got 'List' help when 
I installed, but perhaps I downloaded the wrong version, and have been 
working from Intrepid while I was thinking I was using Jaunty.

While I am writing this response, I put the Jaunty CD in and am applying 
the Rescue option.  I hoped to find some place where they referred to 
the version number to see if my CD is Intrepid or Jaunty.  I was unable 
to see any numbers to this point of the installation and got to a screen 
that was all red with a warning.

A screen came up that had partition identities to choose for root file 
systems.  The first item was highlighted and is /dev/sda1; my memory 
says that this is the / partition of the OS, so I chose it and moved to 
the next screen.  This screen says Enter Rescue Mode, mount failed:  An 
error occurred while mounting the device you entered for your root file 
system (/dev/sda1 on /target.

Please check the syslog for more information.

A while back, I moved an ATA HDD from my old computer, which had 
Intrepid on the drive.  I put it in the new computer to transfer the 
data from the storage partition on the drive to my new  SATA drive on 
the new computer.  I forgot that that HDD had an OS on it, Intrepid.  
The fact that it has an older OS on it has never been a problem, and I 
forgot to wipe the drive clean, so I think that somehow when the crash 
took place recently, that OS because a part of the equasion.  On the 
screen that gives you choices of which to boot up, there is also a 
string of 8.04 entries at the bottom; I tried opening one of them at one 
point in the repair attempt and there was nothing in them to boot.

Since I have not been thinking of Hardy, Intrepid or Jaunty in terms of 
their version number, I did not notice that change in the choice 
screen.  But before when I booted Jaunty, I remember that the screen 
that showed choice was a lot shorter, even though the boot passed 
through it too fast to read anything on the screen.

When I moved the ATA drive to the new computer, I kept it with the 
primary (I am using the word 'primary' to describe the alternative for 
'slave', because if it isn't the right term, I can't currently remember 
the word I need to explain it) position.  I was told that it didn't make 
any difference because SATA drives did not have that type of setting.  
So the older drive is shown in first position when recognized on the 
first screen, when I boot up.  If not changing the drive to a slave was 
a mistake, I suspect that it is now booting to the OS in the old ATA 
drive and that that happened when the crash happened.

I realize we have come to an end point in this effort, nonetheless, it 
has been a great learning experience and has given me the ability to 
move rapidly from change to change with more understanding.  And even 
though Jaunty is making 'using a konsole unnecessary', I still would 
like to learn to use a Konsole.  I will do so with or without help from 
the List, so if you are willing, I would like to pursue this problem to 
an end that can be understood.

Your confusion in the last email may have spurred me to consider a new 
possibility for the reason for all of this, and it may be useful in the 
future to others.  I know it will be for me, because I can never leave a 
problem unsolved without paying a price.  I will think about this 
problem all the time until it is resolved, and without help and the 
changing to a GUI system, it will be much more difficult.

Is it possible that I did not install the wrong OS and Jaunty is still 
in my computer?  If that is possible, is it possible that whatever 
caused the crash switched me to the older HDD and it's OS, Intrepid? 

If I just unplug the ATA drive so that it is no longer an option when 
booting up, is it possible the system will perform properly and boot to 

If this resolves the probable cause of my current problem and my 
computer boots to Jaunty, will I be able to reconnect the old HDD to 
format and remove the old OS, or can I change it to a slave, making the 
SATA drive, the drive in command.  Even if I wanted to retain the old 
OS, wouldn't I have to install it as a dual boot situation, or would 
just connecting as Slave accomplish that step and allow for booting the 
alternate OS, if wanted, at boot up?  I hope I am being understood right 
now.  I am hoping you are willing to respond to this email.  I am hoping 
you will continue just a bit more.  It would be a kind thing for you to 
help me put this problem to bed.  I don't have the ability to give up.  
I just continue to work unresolved problems in my mind until I get an 
end understanding.  In either event, thanks for all the wonderful help.  
You will probably never realize the kindness it represents, my friend.

With much appreciation,


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