'open window widget' on the Panel

marc gmane at auxbuss.com
Tue Apr 21 13:49:07 UTC 2009

Nigel Ridley said:

> marc wrote:
>> Nigel Ridley said:
>>> The 'open window widget' (don't really know what it's called but it's
>>> the one that displays, including the title, what windows are open on a
>>> specific desktop) is missing from the Panel (I must of accidentally
>>> deleted it). How does one enable it?
>> I think it's the inappropriately named, pager.
> No, the Pager is the one that shows all available desktops. What I'm
> looking for is the one that shows on the Panel describing what open
> windows there are.

Pager does that when you hover the mouse over it.

> If I have two open windows then I would have two
> entries on the Panel informing me that I have two open windows and
> showing there tiles.

I think it's the equally inappropriately named, task manager.


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