Changinnng to default BIOS settings has created problems.

stevenvollom at stevenvollom at
Mon Apr 20 20:30:13 UTC 2009

> So when you are in "recovery, safe values or whatever it is called", 
> then when there is a prompt, enter your userid and then your password.
> Then you will need to change /etc/X11/xorg.conf
I can get a command prompt, but what do I enter? Do I use Kate?  Onboard 
video is 8400 nVidia Gforce.  I believe it calls for the 173 driver.  
Eberhard, I don't even know what searching a string is.  Where do I 
look?  And would the command look like this 'nvidia river "nv"' without 
the single quotes?
> Just to see something on the screen which resembles X, I would search 
> the string <Driver "nvidia"> and change this to <river "nv">, which is 
> the opensource nvidia driver. This should give you enough GUI to 
> continue with your troubleshooting.
> The same happened to me yesterday, when I made the mistake to install 
> nvida 180 from a ppa repo of the newest and greatest and anything was 
> screwed and I could not get anything to display. I know it was my own 
> foolishness...
> However I am in Intrepid, as you know.
In Jaunty, there is a hardware application that shows the nVidia 
drivers; the 180 driver is for 9000 series the 173 is for 8000, I 
believe each thousand series has a different driver.
> This is how the teeth should look, I guess:
If you notice the partial tooth to the right next to last, that is the 
way they are on my card, so it must be right as is.   There is also a 
tooth like that on the other side of the card.
> Just let us know how to proceed. If you happen to have a Ubuntu CD, you 
> might also boot from there. It will most probably be easier for you to 
> alter the X configuration from the GUI than through the commandline.
I have a 64 bit Kubuntu cd, that I thought was a live CD, but when I put 
it in the Rom, it came up as an installation, without an option to open 
using the CD.  There also was a method of repair.  When I started that, 
it seemed like I would just be installing again, so I stopped 
mid-installation.  Perhaps that would be the right thing to do though.  
I was concerned about whether it would eliminate the configuration and 
thought I would try a fix that would save configuration settings.  You 
are so kind to me Eberhard.  Thanks for coming into this problem.  It is 
way over my head.


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