Changinnng to default BIOS settings has created problems.

stevenvollom at stevenvollom at
Mon Apr 20 19:01:18 UTC 2009

> If you can see the BIOS screen properly, then you are probably right in 
> thinking the default BIOS values do not work well with your video card. 
I removed the video card.  I set the internal GPU to Auto.  Then I 
booted the computer.  When the computer attempted to open, it quickly 
moved to a point where it made a long signal then stopped.  I left it 
set for a few minutes in case it was working in the background.  When I 
was satisfied it was stopped, I shut down the computer and booted 
again.  This time I opened the boot menu and attempted to open the 
computer using the second choice.  It is not repair, perhaps restore, 
but I can't remember the word, but it is not the regular opening it is 
the one you would use it attempt repair.  In any event, if you are able 
to put the proper name on it, it continued to open until it came to a 
command prompt calling for user and password.  I did not enter anything 
and it resumedafter a long period of time and is stopped with the 
following on the screen:  Could not create a lock...........As I was 
typing the screen content, it went black like hibernation or resuming 
boot.  Anyway it is a black screen again.  I will wait a bit before 
booting again.

While I am waiting, I inspected the video card.  The long row of teeth 
on the bottom of the card which make contact with the motherboard, one 
of them is about a sixteenth of an inch shorter than all the others.  It 
looks like it is broken off at that point.  If it happened while the 
card was installed, it may be the reason for the video card failure, if 
that is the problem.  It is the third pin from the end.  It still looks 
long enough to make contact with the MB, but perhaps not deep enough.  
It does not look right though.

I pressed Ctrl and Alt (and was about to type Del to boot again)and the 
screen came back with the following:  Could not create lock file in 
/tmp/.txo-lock  debconf:  unable to initialize frontend: dialog  
debconf:  (TERM is not set, so the dialog frontend is not usable.)  
debconf:  falling back to frontend:  Readline  debconf:  unable to 
initialize frontend:  Readline  debconf:  (This frontend requires a 
controlling tty.)  debconf:  falling back to frontend:  Teletype  
mkdir:  cannot create directory `/tmp/dexconf-tmp-6887':  Read-only file 
system  failsafeDexconf:  error:  creation of temporary work directory  
"/tmp/dexconf-tmp-6887" failed  Warning:  Could not generate 
/etc/X11/sorg.conf.failsafe for vesa driver  Fatal server error:  Could 
not create lock file in /tmp/.tX0-lock

Doies this give information that helps?  BTW good to hear from you, my 
friend.  Always there when I am in trouble.


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