DVD copy

GreyGeek GreyGeek at earthlink.net
Mon Apr 20 04:05:35 UTC 2009

Jerry Lapham wrote:
> I'm running Kubuntu 8.04/KDE 3.5.10.  This evening I was trying to copy a 
> 2.7GB video DVD using K3b.  When it got to 58% read, 29% overall, it hung the 
> system.  The mouse cursor disappeared, the Numlock light went off, and the 
> capslock and scroll lock lights started flashing.  C-A-D didn't work, so I 
> had to hit RESET.  The /tmp directory where the ISO was being written to had 
> 8GB free.  This happened twice.  Then I tried reading the DVD to an ISO file 
> and burning the ISO in separate transactions and that worked.
> Any ideas why?
> 	-Jerry
Make a two step process out of it.  Copy the DVD to a directory on your
HD,  Then make a copy of the directory into a fresh DVD.

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