Is Canonical against Kubuntu (2): the bug tracking disaster

GreyGeek GreyGeek at
Sun Apr 19 18:15:57 UTC 2009

Steven Vollom wrote:
> IMO.  The people who contribute and do the actual work should set the 
> priorities for all the work, even when it serves their private agendas to do 
> work outside popular opinion.  Perhaps all Bug repair requests should be Bug 
> repair wishes, since they serve the special interest of those who don't 
> necessarily participate in solutions.
> Should an unpaid contributing developer be required by non-contributors to do 
> work on a higher list of importance, when his or her chosen contribution is to 
> improve a lesser need?  I think not.  Progress is progress.
> Additionally, who should have the right to decide the order of scheduling of 
> the work, a non-contributing source of input, or the creator and staff of the 
> project.
> IMO.  Those who serve this List, by helping those with problems, should have a 
> voice of high priority on the bug servicing WISH list, because they are 
> contributing to the success of the project.  Non contributors should be 
> allowed to add their requests at a much lesser order of importance, and 
> developers of the system should be able to do the work, as they see fit, 
> regardless of the opinions of anyone else.
> The brain that drives the dog to wag his tail controls, whether you like it or 
> not.  The tail that wants to wag the dog may WISH to, however improbable.
> It is my hope that this is not just the actions of another OS spoiler trying 
> to create dissension among the faithful.
> Steven,

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