Is Canonical against Kubuntu (2): the bug tracking disaster

Chan Chung Hang Christopher christopher.chan at
Sun Apr 19 13:37:27 UTC 2009

> Thanks Dotan and Anton, I got it now. At least I think so.
> This indeed it a pity for the K(ubuntu) users. If this is correct, 
> apparently, KDE users are not that important for Ubuntu. Are we so few?
It is not just there being few assigned to Kubuntu (are they any paid 
developers from Canonical at all on Kubuntu?) but also even the KDE team 
is suffering from a lack of man power...apparently many who worked on 
KDE 3.x have moved on.

Whereas GNOME has some big names behind it (Redhat, Sun, blah, blah) 
although that does not mean there are Ubuntu releases without BROKEN 
GNOME tools like the network setup tool back in one of the 7.x releases. 
Which seems to tell me that KDE is the way to go :-P. /me puts on 
asbestos armour.

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