Is Canonical against Kubuntu (2): the bug tracking disaster

marc gmane at
Sun Apr 19 10:58:07 UTC 2009

Eberhard Roloff said...
> Anton wrote:
> [...bug tracking desaster...]
> while this surely is not nice, may I remind you that we are talking 
> about free and open source software here.

I don't agree that this should be used as a defence of FOSS.

> Afaik you did not pay for it and you also did not pay for support.
> So you can hardly expect to get defined problem resolution timeframes.

This is a valid argument, although not from the premise, imo.

I pay for Windows, or have paid, and have to deal with it regularly, and 
the direct support is woeful. At least with mature FOSS, you have 
somewhere to report things and await a response. This is far, far better 
than the non-FOSS world in OS-land. (I don't know enough about Apple's 
support mechanisms to comment, but I'd to know more.)
> Should you need better support, you might consider to use one of the 
> "enterprise linux" distributions that are out there, waitng for you to 
> buy them.

Eek! Don't point the poor guy at Red Hat. That way lies pain unlimited, 
at least, on the desktop.


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