Jaunty: Look of gnome apps in kde

clay weber claydoh at midmaine.com
Fri Apr 17 23:00:00 UTC 2009

Willy Hamra wrote:
> 2009/4/17 marc <gmane at auxbuss.com>:
>> Jonas Norlander said...
>>> On Fri, Apr 17, 2009 at 6:18 PM, marc <gmane at auxbuss.com> wrote:
>>>> Willy Hamra said...
>>>>> 2009/4/17 marc <gmane at auxbuss.com>:
>>>>>> It used to be that you installed gtk2-gtk-qt for better control of GTK
>>>>>> apps under KDE. I think it was installed by default by Kubuntu for a
>>>>>> while. The look and feel could them be set in kcontrol.
>>>>>> Now, the package seems to have disappeared and, of course, kcontrol has
>>>>>> vanished.
>>>>>> So, does anyone know how you make gnome apps look like gnome apps under
>>>>>> kde?
>>>>> see, while kcontrol did exist in KDE3 i rarely used it, and so, the
>>>>> transition to KDE4 was easy to me :P
>>>> Careful what you assume!
>>>>> in systemsettings, go to appearance, GTK styles & fonts. cheers
>>>> I'm not seeing what you're seeing. Oddly enough, I took a look at the
>>>> appearance section. The options I see are: Style; Colors (sic); Icons;
>>>> Fonts; Windows; Splash screen; Emoticons.
>>>> No sign of GTK styles and fonts.
>>> I think the package you need is gtk-qt-engine.
>> Thanks, Jonas. Although it doesn't seem to work anymore :-(
>> Any idea why this package has been made optional again?
> what do you mean doesn't work? i have it in my system settings, and
> used to always use qtcurve which looked awesome. after installing
> GNOME, i got the human-clearlooks theme, and started using it for GTK+
> apps, and till now, i'm sending this message from a firefox using the
> human-clearlooks theme.
> as for why it's optional, i have no idea, lol

It is not optional, it is installed by default, and has been for quite a 

Now why marc does not have this section in System Settings, I do not 
know. I'll see if there are any existing bug reports on this later

Clay Weber

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