[mostly solved] Fish won't work (long)

Nigel Henry cave.dnb2m97pp at aliceadsl.fr
Thu Apr 16 14:28:18 UTC 2009

On Thursday 16 April 2009 13:35, Tony Sivori wrote:
> On Sun, 12 Apr 2009 21:11:18 -0400, Jim wrote:
> > Tony Sivori wrote:
> >> On Sun, 12 Apr 2009 20:49:04 +0200, Nils Kassube wrote:
> >>> No, it should work as normal user. I use it quite often and I never
> >>> start konqueror as root.
> >>
> >> Weired. Well, all I need to do is copy about 200 GB to the new computer,
> >> then I don't think I'll need fish very often. So the risk of running it
> >> as root should be minimal. Hopefully.
> >
> > Check and see if you have a hidden directory .ssh in your home directory,
> > and in .ssh be sure there is a file, known_hosts and that file is empty,
> Ok, done. The folder and file were there on the computer that I was
> fishing from. But the known_hosts file was not empty, so I made a new
> empty one.
> No such file or ssh folder on the target computer.
> > and try again.
> Still only works when run as root.
> --
> Tony Sivori

Hi Tony.

I don't use fish like you showed in your first post on this subject, and 
believe I had problems with that in the past, but simply as.

Konqueror then opens a question box telling you that the authenticity of cannot be established, and asks if you want to continue 
connecting "Yes", or "No". Obviously you click yes.

I use the same usernames, and passwords on all my distros on my 3 machines, so 
next an SSH Authorization box opens asking for username, and password, which 
you enter, and click OK, and you should be connected to the target machine.

You may get a fail showing on Konqueror at the first try, so just click on the 
address, and enter again, then you should be into the target machine. I 
mention this, as I have had to do that on Kubuntu Intrepid, when accessing 2 
different addresses for the first time.

When you connect for the first time a key will be created in 
~/.ssh/known_hosts, which will allow access to a specific IP address, so make 
sure that all your distros have unique IP addresses. I have been caught by 
that will my multiple distros available, and mistakenly gave an already 
existing IP address to a new install, then wondered why I couldn't fish into 

If you fish into a different distro, with a different IP address for the first 
time, another key will be created in the known_hosts file, which again is 
unique for the IP address of this distro. You can end up with a whole bunch 
of keys in that file, all linked to accessing specific IP addresses.

Before you try fish as, fish://     (obviously changing the 
address), open Konquerors super user file manager, and navigate to the /root 
directory, click on view, then on the "show hidden files", and see if you 
have a .ssh directory there. I say this as you have run fish as root, and 
there may be a conflict in trying to create 2 keys for the same IP address. 
One when running fish as root, and other as user.

If the .ssh directory exists, delete it. And I mean delete it, so go to 
Settings>Configure Konqueror>File Management, and check the box,
"Show 'Delete' context menu entries which bypass the trashcan", otherwise your 
attempts at deleting the directory, will just send it to /roots trashcan. 
Something else I've been caught out by when trying to delete a load of files 
from /var/cache/apt/archives, and wondering why I wasn't getting any 
diskspace back.

Enough rambling. See how you get on with what I suggest.


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