kcron missing?

Paul S paulatgm at gmail.com
Tue Apr 14 19:20:34 UTC 2009

Ric Moore said the following on 04/14/2009 02:40 PM:
> On Tue, 2009-04-14 at 12:40 -0400, Paul S wrote:
>> Matthew Flaschen said the following on 04/14/2009 02:53 AM:
>>> Ric Moore wrote:
>>>> Funny thing, I don't find kcron listed anymore in the menu bar anymore.
>> in kde4 it's:
>> System Settings > Advanced > Task Scheduler
>> Take a look at all the stuff under the advanced tab .. there's some new 
>> and useful stuff there.  I don't know if they all work, as there's still 
>> a placebo effect with kde4.  Some things appear to be configurable but 
>> don't work.  ymmv
> I guess this is one reason I have always spouted off about a clean

It's not necessary to reinstall to correct your local configuration 
files.  One solution is to create a new user account after the upgrade 
and copy over any stuff you really want from your old user.  Another 
(which is what I do) is to create a ~/backup directory and move (man mv) 
all the hidden (dot) files / directories to that ~/backup.  Hidden files 
/directories contain the local configuration changes you've made.  So, 
after moving them all to this new ~/backup directory, a reboot (or 
restart x) will create new hidden (dot) config files / directories with 
the latest package defaults.  Then it takes me less than an hour to get 
stuff changed to suit my desires.  And, if I absolutely have to have 
something, I can copy (man cp) it back from that ~/backup directory.

I find it helpful to do this at each kde ?.?.y release, because it's the 
only way I've found to reincorporate all the bug fixes that get done 
with each point (y) release.  kde4 is still much a work in progress, but 
the number of things that work increase with each (y) release.

> install. My menu system appears hosed, being a combination of hardy and
> intrepid menu items by upgrading. 
> I do not have system settings > Advanced > Task Scheduler. 
> In my menu I have:
> Settings
> Settings
> System Settings
> System
> Under System Settings I have: 
>> Advanced > Advanced User Settings > KDE Resources

I'm running kde 4.2.2 on jaunty, so maybe you're using an earlier 
version of kde4, or maybe they haven't backported everything to intrepid 
yet.  Did you try the upgrade at kubuntu.org .. see: 

> That's it, using the old style menu. That is not even there using the
> Kicker style. <gibbers> Ric


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