Kmail arrives in my trash. No filters installed.

John L Vifian jongleur at
Sat Apr 11 22:35:55 UTC 2009

On Monday 06 April 2009 4:09:24 pm Steven Vollom wrote:
> > Go to Settings-> Configure Filters and see if you have any filters
> > installed for you.
> I unchecked all filters.  I never set them in the first place, but those
> that were checked, I unchecked.

Sorry to take so long getting back to you.  If I'm understanding what you did, 
you unchecked some of the settings in the filter's advanced menu?  That was 
probably not what you wanted to do, and it doesn't disable the filter
> I had spam and ham icons on the main toolbar, but something I did made them
> go away.  I am not sure what it was.  Do you know how to get them back?  I
> would like to highlight an entry that is spam and click the spam icon or
> correct an item that is mis-identified.  The choices do not seem to be in
> the offering anymore for the main toolbar.

go to Settings-> Configure Filters and choose the advanced tab.  In the list of 
available filters choose "Classify As Spam" and make sure that the following 
boxes are checked:  "If this filter matches stop processing here", "Add this 
filter to the Apply Filer Menu" and "Additionally add this filter to the 

Repeat this for the "Classify As Not Spam" Filter

If you want to not have emails that the spam filter thinks are spam go to 
trash, choose the General tab, and change the Move into folder setting to 
"Local Folders/inbox"

> > If the messages in your Trash folder have been classified as spam they
> > will have an Icon with  a trash can and a letter going into it (at least
> > in the KDE 4.2 I'm using) in the Spam/Ham column.
> Apparently that is the way they come in.  When I move messages from trash
> to the inbox, I have to check on every wanted message to make it ham. 
> Otherwise it has been designated as spam.

I'm assuming that they weren't actually spam.  At any rate if the spam filter 
thinks that it is spam that is what you have to do.  In my experience I get 
very few emails that are incorrectly labeled.

One thing you can do is set up your own filters on addresses that  you don't 
want to have marked as spam, is to create your own filter that marks them as 
ham.  Right-click the message, choose Create Filter->Filter on From in the 
dialog that opens under "Filter Actions" change the drop-down that probably 
says "Move into Folder" to "Mark As" and the adjacent drop-down to "HAM". 

> I may have done this backwards.  I selected all the emails in trash, then
> selected move to and chose inbox.  After including the Spam/Ham column, in
> the Subject line, I noticed that all messages were considered spam.  I
> checked each of them, so that the program would learn, but it is obvious
> that for some reason they are received as spam when no filters are engaged.

If they were marked as spam then there is a filter engaged.

Good luck with this,

John L Vifian
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