Kmail arrives in my trash. No filters installed.

Steven Vollom stevenvollom at
Mon Apr 6 23:09:24 UTC 2009

> Go to Settings-> Configure Filters and see if you have any filters
> installed for you. 

I unchecked all filters.  I never set them in the first place, but those that 
were checked, I unchecked.

I had spam and ham icons on the main toolbar, but something I did made them go 
away.  I am not sure what it was.  Do you know how to get them back?  I would 
like to highlight an entry that is spam and click the spam icon or correct an 
item that is mis-identified.  The choices do not seem to be in the offering 
anymore for the main toolbar.

> To see if Kmail is filtering the messages in Trash as spam enable the
> Spam/Ham column in your list of messages, by right clicking on the
> "Subject/Sender/Date/Whatever" bar above the list of messages and enabling
> Spam/Ham.  You may have to drag the columns about to see the new column.

I right-clicked on the subject line and added the sender, date, and spam/ham.  
Apparently I have to check them to make them ham.  This seems backward, 
because that would be the reason the messages automatically go to trash.  If 
they showed as ham and had to be checked to be spam, then they would show in 
the incoming messages and only be conveyed to trash when checked.  Am I 
misunderstanding something here?
> If the messages in your Trash folder have been classified as spam they will
> have an Icon with  a trash can and a letter going into it (at least in the
> KDE 4.2 I'm using) in the Spam/Ham column. 

Apparently that is the way they come in.  When I move messages from trash to 
the inbox, I have to check on every wanted message to make it ham.  Otherwise 
it has been designated as spam.

> Normal messages will have the
> same icon but grayed out (actually light green for me). If the messages are
> in fact not spam and they are marked as spam you can rightclick on the
> message and choose Apply Filter and choose Filter Classify as not Spam, and
> then drag the mail back to your inbox.

I may have done this backwards.  I selected all the emails in trash, then 
selected move to and chose inbox.  After including the Spam/Ham column, in the 
Subject line, I noticed that all messages were considered spam.  I checked 
each of them, so that the program would learn, but it is obvious that for some 
reason they are received as spam when no filters are engaged.

> Hope this helps

I am not sure if it helps, I am pretty confused still.  If you understand my 
responses, please give further instruction.


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