Jaunty: Notifications

marc gmane at auxbuss.com
Sat Apr 11 21:58:17 UTC 2009

Brendan said...
> On Thursday 09 April 2009, marc wrote:
> > I hope this isn't Gnomethink seeping into KDE?
> Oh, please don't start that crap line of thinking. I highly doubt it'll be the 
> way you think it'll be, and be much more reasonable. If it's an issue, someone 
> will step forward to fix it. Maybe a big, bad coder like yourself?

I'll think what I want thanks.

What I'm seeing is large regressions from Badger in terms of hardware 
handling[0], dumbing down of kcontrol[1], "removal" of X restart 
(ctrl+alt+del), and this frankly idiotic "notification-if-you're-

I think that KDE 4.2 is an interesting idea and working well now. We all 
know 4.0 was an appalling error of judgement. And I love the speed of 
suspend and restart - if only you could find where to suspend!

I want to use this thing, quite a lot, but man it's trying hard to make 
me walk away. But hey, maybe it'll all work by release day in a couple 
of weeks.


[0] Of the six machines I've tried to boot, only one has completed. This 
is a laptop that I've used since Badger. At that time I was having to 
compile kernels on it to run Debian, so I switched to Kubuntu because 
everything just worked.
[1] I'd need a great deal of convincing that this isn't Gnomethink. I'm 
struggling to find how to do things that I did routinely in kcontrol.
[2] If Shuttleworth thinks this is a good idea, as was suggested here, 
then I think he's contracted Gnomethinkitis.

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