new quad.

GreyGeek GreyGeek at
Sat Apr 11 17:11:05 UTC 2009

stevenvollom at wrote:
> The moderator Myriam doesn't like me talking about Jaunty, because of my lack 
> of experience, but when I built my new AMD Quad, ASUS M3N-HT Mempipe MB, 8gb 
> RAM, I could not get it to work with Intrepid.
> I installed the Alpha Jaunty and everything installed and worked well.  Ask 
> Jaunty users what their experiences are with upper end equipment.  I have only 
> heard applause.  Lots of daily updates until final release, but still it has 
> less problems than all predecessors back to Feisty in my opinion.
> Steven
I doubt Myrian wants to suppress your comments.  From what I've read you
are just being asked to refrain from making unsubstantiated claims or
statements,  which are typical from those new to Linux and/or Kubuntu
who seem to be having trouble.   Cooler heads always prevail.  Hot heads
get ignored or banned.

I am running Kubuntu Jaunty with the latest updates (this morning) and
it is running PERFECTLY on my Sony VAIO VGN-FW140E/H.

After the update I decided I would test the "Sleep" mode, which is a
feature I have never tested on any laptop or PC I have ever owned
(running Linux or Windows).  I had previously installed the "hibernate"
application, which is supposed to handle both sleeping and hibernate.  I
checked out the settings in the /etc/default/acpi-support file and
noticed that Sony's may need to have the "RESET_DRIVE=true" line
UNcommented, so I uncommented it.   

I also noticed that the HIBERNATE_MODE=shutdown   shows that hibernate
is merely a power down, and that the  "ACPI_SLEEP_MODE=mem"    uses S1
while "=standby" uses S3, but I did not change these or make any other
changes aside from the one suggested for Sony users.

Also, I have the "Battery Monitor" plasmoid applet installed and it
shows a battery with green bars representing the state of my battery
charge.  I also have a percentage of charge showing if I hoover a mouse
over the battery icon.   I mention the Battery icon because one accesses
the controls to hiberate or suspend via the popup dialog when one left
clicks on the battery icon.

Since hibernate is merely a power-down I saw no need to test it.

When I clicked the Sleep button my screen goes black and my power light
blinks to black and then turns to amber and remains amber.   When I hit
the ESC key the amber light turns to green and I am prompted for my
password.  I have a fully functional desktop in about 3 seconds.


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