[Jaunty] Unresolved GL vieo problem

marc gmane at auxbuss.com
Thu Apr 9 17:58:05 UTC 2009

marc said...
> I raised the issue of video acceleration problems a week or so back. 
> I've still not resolved this. However, let me expound.
> From boot, when I use the desktop, things seem to be okay. There's no 
> slow down and the funky compiz features work great. Neat zoom and all.
> However, when I run, say, glxgears, everything is fine until I resize 
> the window to a certain size, and then fps fall through the floor - to 
> around 3fps. But, if I leave the thing chugging away for a minute or 
> two, then suddenly, we're back in the 700-800 range. At which point I 
> can run it at full screen at ~500fps.
> Now, if I close glxgears, then restart it. All is well.
> Amazingly, if I now preview GL screen savers, everything is full speed. 
> Absolutely fantastic, and just like things have been since Badger.
> However, if I logout of kde and then log back in again, then everything 
> is go slow again. Load glxgears, set to full screen, leave for a minute 
> - I'm doing this while I type - and lo! back to full speed.
> There's a problem here, but it's so close!
> Any ideas/suggestions?

What happens is that KDE switches off Compositing when everything slows 
down. But there is no notification from KDE that this is happening.

Well, a "notification" might be sent, but because of the screen 
slowdown, it never appears - only once did I catch a fleeting glimpse of 
something that might be related, but there's no history, so I don't know 
what it said.


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