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Mon Apr 6 03:50:17 UTC 2009

marc wrote:
> Hi,
> I'm considering forking a package. The thing is written in C, however, 
> which would be fine, imo, if it were a driver, embedded, or some low 
> level function (or it was the early 80's), so I'd prefer to refactor it 
> in something a little less esoteric/tortuous.
> Does anyone know the language limitations of Kubuntu packages?
> In fact, if someone knows a good reference for, "So, you want to write a 
> .deb?" then I'd appreciate the pointers. Thanks.
I am afraid your question itself has dome problems. C is a programming 
language and .deb is a packaging system. You are comparing apples to 

Most programmers do use C or C++ for their language. Most compiled 
programs, that is. I don't know of any Fortran or Pascal, though it 
probably exists. Python and Java may be considered a compiled language 
if you stretch the definition a bit. Programs written in interpreted 
languages are very varied.

The terminology "forking a package" is to take an existing package and 
use it as a base for taking it in a different direction that the 
original authors. It is not a complete rewrite in a different language. 
If you want to do that, you start your own project from scratch and code 
it in whatever language floats your boat.

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