GreyGeek GreyGeek at
Sun Apr 5 23:05:01 UTC 2009

marc wrote:
> Hi,
> I'm considering forking a package. The thing is written in C, however, 
> which would be fine, imo, if it were a driver, embedded, or some low 
> level function (or it was the early 80's), so I'd prefer to refactor it 
> in something a little less esoteric/tortuous.
> Does anyone know the language limitations of Kubuntu packages?
> In fact, if someone knows a good reference for, "So, you want to write a 
> .deb?" then I'd appreciate the pointers. Thanks.
"Kubuntu packages"?  Or do  you mean "debian packages"?

Kubuntu uses KDE4 as its desktop (the "K" in Kubuntu).  KDE4 was built 
using the QT4 widget set.  QT4 was written using C++.  If you can write 
apps using C you can use C++.  The Qt-Creator home page is here:
and it has videos showing Qt4 development in action.

Qt4/C++/gcc/qt-creator is a GPL (and free) tool stack you can use to 
create a Konsole utility, a KDE4 app, applet or what ever your want.  
All the tools are in the Jaunty repository except, the last time I 
checked, you will have to install gcc 4.3.2 even if you have a higher 
version of gcc installed. You can test to see if QtCreator compiles with 
the preinstalled, higher version of gcc by test compiling an "hello" 

Creating debian packages are done only after you have written your app, 
but I can't help  you because I've never built a debian package for 

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