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Derek Broughton derek at
Mon Apr 6 01:22:00 UTC 2009

Howard Coles Jr. wrote:

> Actually I think she's referring to the common practice of some List
> Servers
> to add a "[user-L]" type label to the beginning of the subject. 

We know that - and it's a Very Bad Idea (TM).

> This is the
> only list I'm subscribed to that doesn't do that.  I wouldn't mind it,
> even though I have a rule setup to send all email with recipient of
> "kubuntu- users at" to the "Kubuntu" folder.

You're using KMail - you should be filtering on the list address (that is,
the header is "List-Post"), not on "recipients".
> I think something like "[kubuntu] subject goes here" wouldn't be a bad
> thing. 

yes it would - it's wasted space.  Screens are getting wider, but I'd really
prefer to see more descriptive subject lines than every subject starting
with [kubuntu-users] - that's sixteen characters I'm never going to get
back! :-)

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