howto pair a bluetooth device?

Michael Renner michael.renner at
Sun Apr 5 16:47:10 UTC 2009


I run hardy at an adm64 notebook. Everything is fine (e.g. KDE 3.5.10), but 
bluetooth drives my cracy!

How can I pair a bluetooth device (BT loudspeakers or something else) to my 
linux box? It pin is 0000 but I don't know exact how to pass this to my 

I read some HOWTO, but apparent the wrong :-(

Well, at last I went back gave the console a change:

root at mars:~# hcitool scan
Scanning ...
        00:10:60:00:3B:62       JA2
root at mars:~# hcitool cc 00:10:60:00:3B:62
root at mars:~# hcitool con

I made an entry in /etc/bluetooth/hcid.conf
device 00:10:60:00:3B:62 {
name "JA2" auth enable;
passkey "0000";
encrypt enable;

But the result is the same. I compiled the passkey-agent and called it 
before 'hcitool con' is executed, but again without success:

renner at mars:~$ bin/passkey-agent 0000 00:10:60:00:3B:62
Passkey service has been released

Any hint?

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