Hmmm. I thought this was fixed.

Derek Broughton derek at
Fri Apr 3 14:29:43 UTC 2009

David McGlone wrote:

> On Thursday 02 April 2009 10:21:28 pm Lindsay Mathieson wrote:
>> > No writable resource was found, saving will not be
>> > possible. Reconfigure KMail  first.
>> Is this a fresh KMail setup?
> No
>> any idea which resource its referring to?
> This is happening when I try to save contacts as an IMAP resource.

dovecot permissions.  I've been having a heck of a time with that too, I'm
not sure what I got wrong and no time to look at it...

Basically, aiui KMail creates an ordinary IMAP folder when you create an
IMAP resource, but because it's IMAP KMail doesn't do it itself it has to
pass the request to dovecot.  Dovecot is going to try to create an IMAP
folder as "mail" (I think) and if "mail" can't write to your folders it
can't create them.  What I haven't figured out is why it can write
individual messages to them, but can't create new folders.

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