Laptop email sending problem

Steven Vollom stevenvollom at
Fri Sep 26 18:26:26 BST 2008

Art Alexion wrote:
> I second this advice.
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> Art Alexion
> Sent unsigned from an iPod. That's the reason for the top posting as  
> well.
> On Sep 26, 2008, at 2:30 AM, Valter Mura <valtermura at> wrote:
>> Il venerdì 26 settembre 2008 01:23:10 Steven Vollom ha scritto:
>>> Billie Walsh wrote:
>>>> Steven Vollom wrote:
>>>>> I recently purchased a used Compaq Ivo N620c laptop.  I  
>>>>> configured the
>>>>> email client the same as my desktop.  Both have Kubuntu 8.04 and  
>>>>> KDE
>>>>> 3.5.9.  Both run Firefox and Thunderbird as default.  When I  
>>>>> attach my
>>>>> DSL cable moden to the laptop, I am able to surf the internet, as  
>>>>> well
>>>>> as receive emails, however when I attempt to send an email, a  
>>>>> window
>>>>> opens asking the password for my email server.  I type in the  
>>>>> password
>>>>> an click enter and the selfsame window opens again and again.  I  
>>>>> get an
>>>>> unable to connect to the server also.  I have tried to get help  
>>>>> from
>>>>>, but they are not helpful because I am not using their  
>>>>> mail
>>>>> program or their browser and am using Kubuntu Hardy instead of  
>>>>> Microsoft
>>>>> or Apple.  I have used Kubuntu for 3 years with Firefox and  
>>>>> Thunderbird
>>>>> on my desktop with no problems.  The fact that I receive emails but
>>>>> cannot send suggests that at least part of the program is  
>>>>> working.  Help
>>>>> please.
>> Hi Steven,
>> in the smtp/outgoing settings, have you tried to uncheck or check the
>> authenticate box inside Thunderbird?
>> What about these settings? Does the server require authentication?
>> I was using a Yahoo account several moths ago, and I cannot manage  
>> the smtp
>> server too. For this reason, I migrated to Gmail...
>> I'm thinking it is a business policy of Yahoo... you buy a premium  
>> account,
>> you get  a working smtp server; if not, your mail won't work.
>> Also try to setup mail with Kmail and see what happens. Kmail has a  
>> command
>> that checks settings for smtp server. I Kmail works, TB (setting) is  
>> the
>> problem.
>> Ciao
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> Dear Art,
His advice was the advice that I took that fixed the problem.  I was 
embarrassed because I knew that solution and somehow overlooked it over 
and over, perhaps 50 times.  You are a fine person.  You pursued my 
problem to its conclusion and more.  I hope others are as kind to you 
when you have a need as you have been to me.  I probably won't hear from 
you again, until I suppose the next problem, but I want to wish the best 
to you and those you care for and hope I come into contact again.  It 
would really be nice if you had a problem that I could help you fix.


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