Laptop email sending problem

Steven Vollom stevenvollom at
Fri Sep 26 00:49:44 BST 2008

John Hubbard wrote:
> Steven Vollom wrote:
>> Dear Tycho,
>> I took a serious look at each letter and punctuation mark.  They are 
>> exactly the same.  I downloaded and read your help email from the laptop 
>> at the time, nonetheless, I was unable to reply from the laptop, so I am 
>> writing you right now from my desktop computer.  It must be something 
>> else.  I will wait to see if someone else has experienced the same 
>> problem.  Thank you so very much for trying to help me, and so promptly too.
>> Cordially,
>> Steven Vollom, fine-artist retired
> Always start with the obvious: are you sure you are entering the correct 
> password? i.e. caps lock isn't on.
> Assuming that that isn't the problem, you might try copying your desktop 
> setting over to your laptop. There will be a folder "~/.thunderbird" or 
> "~/mozilla-thunderbird" or something like that. If you copy the entire 
> folder from desktop to laptop you will have all of you settings. If you 
> still have problems you can be sure that it isn't a setting problem. And 
> if everything is fixed, well then yippee.
> One side note is that I think my ISP doesn't let me use their send mail 
> server from outside their network. It works fine if I am plugged into my 
> router at home but fails when I am connected at work. Could this be a 
> factor?
Dear John,

Thank you for your response.  I was extremely careful on several 
occasions of rechecking everything to make sure I typed in the correct 
password.  No caps-lock.  My server is  Strangely enough 
att was a partner in the creation of Linux originally and they don't 
support their invention.  As far as being outside their network, both 
computers are in the same room.  I use the same DSL modem for both.  Due 
to ISP's unwillingness to help set up the router, I still don't have 
that working properly yet.  So maybe you have come onto something.  They 
don't support Linux or Firefox or Thunderbird; each time I need help I 
am given the choice to pay them $200 per year for Linux support or fix 
it myself.  Pretty discriminatory I think.  Anyway, I am not willing to 
pay them $200 to answer that question.  And the first time someone in my 
area will sell their service for the low fee I pay, I will change 
ISP's.  I am old on a low fixed income and have to watch my pennies.  I 
get DSL for $19.95.  I am going to try your copy suggestions as soon as 
I send this email.  I will let you know if you cured the problem.  
Thanks again friend.


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