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Steven Vollom stevenvollom at
Fri Sep 26 00:38:58 BST 2008

Ignazio Palmisano wrote:
> Steven Vollom wrote:
>> I have been trying to find the components in my newly purchased used 
>> Compaq Evo N620c laptop.  The information I want is name of motherboard, 
>> memory limitations and type of memory, and other relevant system 
>> information.  I operate Kubuntu 8.04 KDE 3.5.9.  My processor is an 
>> Intel P4 1.8mhz M.  When I got similar information on XP, I went to 
>> system information, I believe.  Is there something like that in 
>> Kubuntu.  I don't seem to Google a suitable question.  Thanks!  Steven
> About memory, I found this site ( to be quite 
> informative. For yopur model,
> it says max memory is 2 gb, 2 slot for DDR PC2700, max 1 GB each (SODIMM 
> 200 pin).
> For other information, have a look at dmesg, lsusb, lspci (I'm no expert 
> in these fields but someone else on the list is).
> HTH,
> I.
> Dear Ignazio,

Thank you for finding that information for me.  The strange thing is 
that the Laptop has identifers on the bottom of the screen.  Bottom left 
says Compaq - bottom right says Ivo N620c.  Even when I go to Compaq 
website there are no specs for a Compaq N620c, only 610 and 600, and 
none of them are at 1.8ghz.  The highest is 1.6ghz.  Nonetheless, my 
computer runs from 1200mhz to 1800mhz depending on my need.  Perhaps 
this is an experimental model or something.  All manuals list as N610c.  
That is why I want some internal response from my computer.  Perhaps the 
motherboard or other things are different from the normal laptop of the 
day.  So when I request parts I may need different numbers.  Anyway 
thanks for the help.  2gigs of memory should get me the results I want, 
if I can get this electrical problem squared away.  I sure would like to 
get a larger hard drive than 60gb too.  I only have 30 now.


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