Can't seam to assign alt+F1 to pop up the kmenu???? [Kubuntu Intrepid alpha 6]

Tycho Andersen tycho at
Tue Sep 23 22:42:07 BST 2008

> I also can't find a way to get rid of that mini display area
> labeled desktop on what I think of as the desktop. Nor a way to
> ditch that %&%)*&%)*& yellow notes: (I never liked paper
> postit notes either) If I want to keep notes I'll simply keep
> them in text files I can open with any dang editor I choose. I
> want that thing off my desktop...

Right click, select "Unlock widgets" and then hover your mouse over the
post-it note for a second. A little black bar will appear on the side, with
an (admittedly small) X that you can click to wipe it away forever. This
works with any other widget you have installed as well. When you're done,
right click again and click "Lock widgets".

The lock/unlock distinction is a new one to the KDE configuration world, but
it is growing on me. That said, there are some stability issues, even in

<shamelessplug>I wrote a short little comparison between KDE 3.5 and 4.1

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