turning japanese with 8.04 - input methods

Lisi Reisz lisi.reisz at gmail.com
Sun Sep 21 15:49:43 BST 2008

Sunday 21 Sep 2008 14:58:16 に Dexter Filmore さんは書きました:
> Am Sonntag, 21. September 2008 06:19:36 schrieb Barry Premeaux:
> > For Thai support, I install the locales in KDE for Thai language in
> > addition to my primary english language locales.  Once you have
> > installed the locales for Japanese, you will also need to install the
> > assorted fonts for Japanese.  You should then be able to go into KDE
> > Control Center and add the Japanese language for the keyboard.  I
> > believe this will give her a button down on the kicker panel that will
> > allow her to select between languages for the keyboard.
> >
> > When I played with a Thai version of Knoppix and a Thai Linux based on
> > Fedora, they both had the button.  You may have to do some searching
> > on google for the keyboard layout.  There are a couple versions for
> > Thai and I had to find the right one.
> Well, I rather need something where you can draw the signs so they are kind
> of auto-ocr'ed.

I had quite a struggle with this for my granddaughter.  It is documented on 
the OpenOffice.org mailing list:


That is actually the end of a very long saga.  I think that I had installed 
scim and skim before that thread started.

The final result is that my granddaughter can now type on a UK keyboard, in a 
British English installation of Kubuntu, and get Kana or Kanji, but only in 
K* applications.  However this is not too restricting, as she can cut and 
paste from, say, KWord into OpenOffice.org Write and the correct Japanese 
characters remain.


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