Help with Audacity on Kubuntu 8.04

Rick Knight rick_knight at
Fri Sep 19 20:11:59 BST 2008

Mark Fraser wrote:
> On Friday 19 September 2008 03:58:43 Rick Knight wrote:
>> Hello all,
>> I'm trying to record some vinyl using Audacity and having no success. I
>> have an Audio Technica USB turntable with line out. I have the line out
>> connected to the line in on my sound card. I can play the vinyl through
>> my PC speakers but I cannot get Audacity to record it. In Kmix I have
>> the record input set to line1 and line1 is not muted. In audacity I have
>> the record source set to OSS:/dev/dsp, same setting for playback device.
>> At one point I thought I had it working, but it turned out the mic input
>> was not muted and the mic was picking up the sound from the PC speakers
>> and recording that. When I muted the mic and made sure that the only
>> source was line1 and that it was not muted, I got no recording again.
>> Recording from mic seems to work while recording line1 does not. Can
>> anyone tell me how to get Audacity to work?
> Have you tried using the USB connection? I've got an ion USB Turntable and all 
> I had to do was select the correct input in Audacity and click on the record 
> button.
Yes, I did try the USB connection and it didn't work also. Now that I've 
solved the problem I'll try the USB port again as it's the way I would 
prefer to connect the TT.


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