b43-phy0 ERROR: Firmware file "b43/ucode5.fw" not found

Derek Broughton news at pointerstop.ca
Fri Sep 12 14:42:28 BST 2008

Joe(theWordy)Philbrook wrote:

> Well I thought linux was about being able to choose...

Absolutely - and I didn't say "don't do that"; I just don't sympathize :-)
> And since there used to be a traditional method of selecting gui vs
> non-gui login  by setting id:3:initdefault: or id:5:initdefault: in

Well, not really.  One version of Linux introduced that.  Debian and its
derivatives have never used it.

> the now defunct /etc/inittab I felt like Kubuntu was trying to
> coerce me into using my pc someone elses way... 

Just "the way it's always been" :-)

> But even If I were using the gui login I'd still want to
> access the consoles via <alt>+<ctrl>+<F[1-6]> when planning to
> run a root shell to use apt-get or visudo or some such. So I
> would have still noticed it...

No.  With the standard login, all of those messages are popping up on tty8,
and when I use tty1-6 I don't see console messages.  I'm not sure of the
mechanism going on there, because it's never mattered to me, but it's been
consistent for 2 or 3 releases, at least.
> Please don't misunderstand me though Derek, I'm not
> complaining that you seam to feel just as strongly that I
> should just use the gui login as I do that the console login
> and startx should still be a personal choice... In fact I'd
> like to applaud you! You _do_ evidently feel strongly that I
> shouldn't still be using startx, and yet you very kindly
> included two possible solutions in your original reply.

No, really, I _don't_ feel strongly that you shouldn't use startx; I feel
strongly that people shouldn't blame Ubuntu for not being able to do things
Ubuntu doesn't do.  Which isn't to say that that's _quite_ what I thought
you were doing... 
> for this I can only say:
> TTTTTTTTTTTT  HH      HH      AA       NN      NN  KK              SSSS
>      TT       HH      HH       A  A    NNNN    NN  KK      KK    SS    SS
>      TT       HH      HH      AA  AA   NN NN   NN  KK    KK     SS
>      TT       HHHHHHHHHH     AAAAAAAA  NN  NN  NN  KK  KK         SSSSS
>      TT       HH      HH    AA            AA   NN   NN NN  KKKK  KK            SS
>      TT       HH      HH   AA      AA  NN    NNNN  KK      KK   SS    SS
>      TT       HH      HH  AA        AA NN      NN  KK        KK   SSSS

You're welcome.
> It takes a great man to be kind to those he disagrees with...

Nah, I just like to show my knowledge (besides which I'd just been through
the whole business of getting the b43 drivers installed, because I upgraded
my kernel and it started spitting those messages...).

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