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Thu Sep 11 18:37:30 BST 2008

Paul Lemmons wrote:
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> Subject: Probably a stupid question
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> Date: 09/11/2008 09:51 AM
>> I need to install drivers for a Holux GPS Receiver puck. I have the 
>> Linux drivers for it but I'm so ignorant of CLI that I don't know how 
>> to install them. The drivers come with a make file [ makefile ] and 
>> what I suppose are the actual drivers. I Googled for "make" and found 
>> lots of stuff about how to make a "makefile" but nothing on how to 
>> make it do it's thing.
>> Kubuntu 8.01 X86-64
>> Could someone give some simple command to make it work? Please!
> The question is only stupid if you ask it twice :)
> I am going to assume from your note that you can get to a command line 
> and that you have the files in a directory and that you can see the 
> "makefile" when you type "ls". If that is so, simply type "make" and 
> it will read the makefile and compile your program.
> Some other information that may or may not apply:
> Often times there is also a "configure" file in the directory. If you 
> see one type "./configure" before your un the make command. This will 
> go out and look at your machine and write the makefile so that it will 
> work properly for your setup.
> Also the make command can take arguments. The make command by itself 
> will compile your driver but, mostlikely, will not put it where it 
> goes. Many times you have to follow the "make" command with a "sudo 
> make install" command to actually install the program.
> Sometimes you can also do a "make test" or "make check" to test out 
> the program to see if it works. This will probably not be the case for 
> a driver.
> Lastly there is a convention of putting a file called README and/or 
> INSTALL in the directory. These are almost always useful to read.
> You will see a lot of "sometimes", "often times" and "can" in my 
> instructions above. That is because every programmer/packager hasthe 
> option to do things any way they want to. The instructions above 
> reflect what most developers do.
> Hope this helps. Good luck!
Thank you. I was trying to make it more complicated than necessary. The 
simplest solution is usually overlooked. *<]:oD

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