Time Updates

Larry Hartman larryhartman50 at vzavenue.net
Sun Sep 7 15:28:09 BST 2008

>     Yes, and I left that up to the OP to determine instead of presuming to
> foist what I felt was the better choice upon him.  Since I'm "forever
> plonked" I'm sure this question will go unanswered but, seriously, what is
> so wrong with letting the other people be informed of choices and actually
> choose or... if nothing else, asking more questions?

Me got choices!  No worries about sys-admin here, as this is my personal 

Still not sure that I need to go in the server direction, although numbers you 
provided for actual processing time spent clearly show low consumption.  Read 
my most recent post for the why's as to not going the server route.  I 
believe it can be fixed without installing something new.

I do not wish to egg on an argument between two folks trying to help.  I did 
read the page you linked to and learned something new as a result.


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