Kaffeine in Kubuntu 8.04 is borked.

Rod Lovett rodlovett at ozemail.com.au
Mon Sep 1 14:37:41 BST 2008

Kaffeine in Kubuntu 8.04 is borked.

           I started a thread on the forum regarding this, but gave up, 
as either it worked for them, and they couldn't understand my problem.
Or they did not have a clue what could be wrong.
Certainly in the land of oz it is it is beyond a joke.
It seems tied up with silly old sudo permissions,
and enalind user video and cd makes not a scrap of difference.
If one plays it first as a root GUI login, logs out and
then logs in as user it then plays, until you reboot of course
then back to silly "this DVD is encrypted" despite libdvdcss2 being 
It will also play a DVD if one boots with it in the drive, but not any 
other one may care to try in that session.
Fortunately VLC does not succumb to this silly error, and plays OK.
Its stuff like this that makes su and sudo a real nuisance.

Wish I could excise the silly sudo su stuff  from Kubuntu, and make it 
act like its parent Debian which keeps it black and white user or root, 
which keeps it much simpler, and none of this kaffeine borking stuff.

Strangely Gutsy had no such Kaffeine behavior, but in  Ibex Kaffeine is 
also borked with the less than optimal KDE 4.01.

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