The NEW 3D PanUbuntu Was: Is it me or does Hardy run like a pig?

Emanoil Kotsev deloptes at
Tue Oct 28 11:27:06 GMT 2008

Knapp wrote:

> On Mon, Oct 27, 2008 at 9:00 PM, Emanoil Kotsev <deloptes at>
> wrote:
>> Knapp wrote:
>>> On Fri, Oct 17, 2008 at 4:07 PM, Derek Broughton <news at>
>>> wrote:
>>>> Knapp wrote:
>>>>> I think that it would be great fun to include panda3d in *Ubuntu as
>>>>> part of the standard install and then use it for making a new desktop
>>>>> to replace KDE, Gnome etc. You could do one like Neuromancer and there
>>>>> would not even be that much code. Talk about eye candy. BTW the
>>>>> license has been changed to be fully open source now. That being the
>>>>> reason it is not even in the repos now.
>>>> Either you're the most brilliant programmer ever, or like me you're
>>>> lousy at
>>>> estimating project costs :-)  But if it's the first, count me in on the
>>>> project!
>>>> --
>>>> derek
>>> What do we call it PanUbuntu because the devil is in the details? LOL
>>> What costs? We all work for free around here. :-)
>>> So what do we need? A bunch of links to software seen as floating
>>> balls of light in a large room? When clicked on they blow up into a
>>> full normal 2d screen. Perhaps like a first person shooter for
>>> movement with your shot starting up the balls of light? Moving the
>>> mouse to the bottom of a 2d program brings up kicker like bar for fast
>>> switching.
>>> No start up menu but some sort of rotating 3d lists?? Favorites and
>>> desktop choices float. Do we have gravity? How much animation? What
>>> would it look like to you?
>>> I have in the past started something, X??, and you can start and run
>>> software there but no windows manager is running, so we just need
>>> something on top of that, whatever it was. Yes, I know almost nothing
>>> about that layer of Linux. I am a game programmer turned computer
>>> hobby game writer. Never bothered to learn the gritty details of KDE
>>> or X.
>>> You really want to try this? I have the animation of the man almost
>>> done. He can walk right now. Better yet, lets use ManCandy, because he
>>> is ugly but REALLY well done and open source. Making a walk for him is
>>> something I am going to do anyway.
>>> The simple room would take 10 minutes to make. 3d icons would be a bit
>>> of work but we could prototype it with like FF, KVirc, OO, Kate,
>>> Konqueror. Stick with Qt? Make this a sort of 3d KDE? Perhaps we can
>>> make it standard in Kununtu for the April Fools Day release?
>>> I have a movement interface designed for doing complex puppet moving
>>> using the 10 key and the mouse. It is a bit like Mortal Kombat in
>>> feel. (OK, this might not be the best choice as it was designed with
>>> body language portrayal usage for interacting with others online, not
>>> for ease of use to the average Newbie.)
>>> Only thing I am not sure of is the launching and ending of a program
>>> from within Panda3d.
>>> BTW, I don't claim to be the best programmer anymore, perhaps 20 years
>>> ago but not know. I went for 10 years without doing any programming
>>> and now I am REALLY rusty and just getting good with python.
>>> The real first step would be to get Panda3d into the repositories.
>>> So do you REALLY want to try it?
>> Something I found by incident, look at it, it sounds interesting:
> Is that a joke? Did you see my sig? Or did you forget to type
> something? I hope this does not come off rude. I am really confused is
> all.

I saw your signature after I've posted to the thread. I just remembered the
panda3d discussion, while I was looking for something else, I followed a
link to this site.

On my turn I don't understand what you wanted to say about the joke or so...

I posted the link because think it is related to the topic, that's all.
After this I read more about it and saw your name somewhere, so wasn't
quite sure it's you, but thought so.


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