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> Hello!!
> I have recently started using Linux operating system and have absolutely no
> clue how this works. So far, its been fine because I am not a techy and
> Kubuntu is quite user friendly.
> In the last couple of days, a problem has emerged and I am not sure how to
> deal with it. I am not even sure this is the right place to share this
> query.
> Whenever I try to open a dialogue page, and click on the icon, instead of
> opening the page, it actually disappears. This is with both when I use the
> mouse and when I use the touch pad. I have partitioned my laptop and have
> Windows XP as well. When I used XP to see if the problem persists, I find
> that there is no problem with the mouse then.
> I am not sure this is a software or a hardware problem. I really appreciate
> if anyone can help.
> Cheers,
> Sahana
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Kubuntu has some quirky behavior.  If you right click on an icon and
don't release right away you could end up doing something in the
subsequent onscreen menu that you didn't mean to do.
Quite often I have clicked on an icon and nothing happened.  Apparently
the focus was somewhere else and all my click did was refocus off the
other object and onto the icon without doing anything.
I have right-clicked on an icon and as I released the button it selected
whatever menu choice the mouse was over as I released the button.
Neither of the above is considered normal behavior, but it happens in
Kubuntu all the time in my experience and is not related, at least so
far, to one particular version.
I would say to make all clicks "click and release" without the least
delay.  Otherwise, click and see what appears where and move the mouse
out of the way, then release.
This is a quirk of Kubuntu that I have had to learn to live with.
Good luck!

Tom Bell

“We can't solve problems by using the same kind of thinking we used when
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