Is it me or does Hardy run like a pig?

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Wed Oct 15 21:54:49 BST 2008

On Wed, Oct 15, 2008 at 4:44 PM, Willy K. Hamra <w.hamra1987 at> wrote:
> Emanoil Kotsev wrote:
>>> away that IE is smarter in rendering. very annoying indeed.
>> I "love" pages that can be viewed _only_ with IE.
>> Others say "optimised for IE" - also a great statement. I'm waiting for the IE for linux all the time :-D
> of course you will, this is the sign of a classy and modern website.
> it's actually a privilege that not many website owners can get, you need
> a lot of hard, deep-to-earth studies in order to get stamped by this
> IE-only expression. IE for linux? a couple of weeks ago, i was
> explaining to my stupid cousin what Linux is, and why we can't run win32
> executable in Linux, and vice-versa for linux executables. and then we
> went to the discussion of wine, and i though he was catching up, until
> he asked, "can't you run Win XP under wine? wouldn't it be easier?"
> lmao, that's when i decided he's much better off  with XP :-P

We have heard of wine and ies4lin haven't we?  You can run
increasingly more w32 executables, and with ies4lin, you can run IE.
Why bother, you ask?  Well, some people may need to.  My office uses a
custom "browser based" database front end from Lawson that will
eventually run the financial infrastructure of the entire 3000+
employee company in 11 US states.  Lawson uses active-x, so IE is
necessary.  Runs under IE6 in the ies4lin package.


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