SD card suddenly read-only

Dotan Cohen dotancohen at
Wed Oct 15 21:12:10 BST 2008

2008/10/15 Emanoil Kotsev <deloptes at>:
>> You need the codepage to do the conversion from long to
>> short file
>> names and it should be set to the codepage number used
>> under MS-DOS in
>> your country.
> This all applies to Dotans issue.

Rats, I could have save hundreds on that psychiatrist had I read that
years ago! And to think what a mess she's done with my 'issue'...

>> Yes i think so to. Perhaps someday all layers involving
>> characters
>> will work with unicode and we dont have to care about all
>> this
>> conversation.
> thanks for explaining all of this. Think now it's clear to everyone

At least Python 3 is moving in that direction, along with almost every
popular Linux distro.

Dotan Cohen


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