latest update needs ridiculous new packages

Derek Broughton news at
Mon Oct 13 15:48:03 BST 2008

Willy Hamra wrote:

> kubuntu-desktop has been installed ever since i did the fresh
> install of intrepid about a month ago. i always had kubuntu-desktop,
> and i'm sure these new packages weren't installed, or had any similar
> package installed so they can replace it. they are new dependencies.


$ apt-cache depends kubuntu-desktop | grep blue
  Recommends: bluez-cups
  Recommends: bluez-utils
  Recommends: kdebluetooth

Since I use aptitude, I get all the "recommends" automatically (and setting
aptitude to _not_ pull "recommends" has other unwanted side effects), so
strictly speaking, I would think the adept updater wouldn't have given me
these while aptitude full-upgrade would.  otoh, I thought I'd upgraded to
hardy via adept.

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