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Billie Walsh bilwalsh at
Sun Oct 12 17:42:17 BST 2008

On 10/12/2008 Willy K. Hamra wrote:
>  yes, it actually makes me feel a lot better, seeing how much you've
>  been
>  through. i think the problem was the at first, the shock i got to
>  realize there are people your age on this mailing list, while i have
>  been writing emails all this time assuming I'm talking to young
>  people.
>  and i was thinking like, omg, these are people way older than me,
>  perhaps i should have addressed them in a different way? what if one
>  of
>  my emails was considered rude when addressed to someone their age?
>  but then, come to think about it, it makes me feel a lot better now,
>  knowing I'm not always talking with young people with no experience,
>  specially, that when I'm talking to someone my age, i assume that this
>  person, like me, knows all his stuff from this short time
>  experimenting,
>  the way i learn. whereas older people, take their experience from
>  years
>  and years of using the same program, through it's many versions.
>  i like how you, Billie, describe the arrival at the pearly gates :P
>  yes,
>  people need to enjoy their life to the fullest. I'm only 21, and i
>  already have loads of regrets about my teenage, that's when i decided
>  (about a year and a half ago) that i want to enjoy my life, and live
>  everyday like there's no tomorrow.  :)

Willy, don't be afraid of life. Live to it's fullest. Enjoy it. Revel in 
it. BUT, remember one thing. All the really stupid things you do now you 
will pay for later. It's kind of like using a charge card. You get to 
enjoy your new toy now but the bill comes at the end of the month.

A couple years ago my back was bothering me so bad I finally went to the 
doctor. I told him I was afraid I was paying for the sins of my youth. 
He looked at me kind of funny. So I said, let me put it this way. I can 
tell you for a fact that a three foot snow drift, no matter how soft it 
looks, will NOT break the fall of a nine year old jumping off the roof [ 
I could barely walk for a week after that one ]. After x-rays and MRI's  
he told me that my lower back is jacked up [ like I couldn't tell that 
already ]. The only thing to do is learn to live with it. [ thanks doc - 
just keep those loritab prescriptions coming ] Every once in a while 
something will sit down firmly on my sciatic nerve [ now THAT gives a 
whole new meaning to the word thrill ].

I don't know if you've ever heard of Dr. Dean Edell. He has a talk radio 
show where he answers questions people send in. One person asked if 
eating right and excersize would let you really live longer. His answer 
was "Absolutely. It's a proven fact. BUT, where will those years be 
added. In the middle of your life where you can enjoy them. NO. At the 
end of your life when your living in a nursing home pooping in a diaper. "

I guess my point is to enjoy your youth now. Live it without regret. 
But, don't flame out to early. At your age, by the time you get to mine 
theres no telling what medical miracles they will be able to perform. 
You might get to live to well over a hundred. Save some of that living 
to enjoy then.

Another thing that is VERY important. If you love someone tell them as 
often as you can. Even if your just running down to the corner store. 
It's possible that those may be the last words that person ever hears 
you say.

OK, I'll stop preaching at you now.. *<]:oD

As far as Linux goes you may be older than me [ at least in terms of 
experience ]. I'm one of the "new kids on the block" I've only been 
using it about three or four years. You may be able to teach this old 
dog some new tricks.

Life is what happens while you're busy making other plans.

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