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Gene Heskett gene.heskett at
Sat Oct 11 15:31:08 BST 2008

On Thursday 09 October 2008, Art Alexion wrote:
>On Thursday 09 October 2008 5:56:35 am Art Alexion wrote:
>> > Ok, reverse the debate: I have never had Amarok crash on me...ever.  
>> > Kmail crashed once a month ago. I use both 12 hours a day, with hard-
>> > core usage and email going back to 1994 in 200 folders, and 30gb of  
>> > music. Do I disbelieve you? Nope, just glad it ain't me having the  
>> > crashes. I would encourage you to launch from the command line and  
>> > look for a reason that kmail crashes...might be something easy to  
>> > debug or easy to report.
>> Amarok crashes on me twice a day. Kmail 3.5.10 crashes thrice daily.  
>> 3.9.9 never crashed that I recall.
>This is the greeting from my computer this morning

I would submit that you have hardware problems.  Bad memory or ??  Slowed fan 
on the cpu or its cooler clogged with dust bunnies?

Uptimes here rarely exceed 10 days cuz I follow the kernel -rc series, but I 
can't recall the last time kmail crashed.  Currently running 3.5.10-1 from 
the F8 repo.

The biggest problem I have here is that kde seems to have alzheimers when it 
comes to remembering the screen blanker and monitor powerdown settings, so I 
have to change something by 1 minute and refresh those settings every other 
day or so.

A 24 hour or so run of memtest86 seems to be the first recommendation.  But 
its faster to open it up and take an air hose to the cpu cooler & make sure 
the fan turns freely, bouncing back and forth gently as it stops when you 
give it a spin with your finger.  If it doesn't bounce a bit, its dragging, 
replace the cooler.  Don't forget to clean the cpu and re-apply the 
recommended heat transfer grease if it uses that, or the little sheet of 
silicon used if grease isn't used.  I like 'artic silver' as the grease.  If 
it turns freely, do not disturb the sink on the cpu, ever.  Then fire up 
memtest86 and let it run several passes.

Cheers, Gene
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