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Fri Oct 10 02:53:25 BST 2008

On Thursday 09 October 2008, Steve Lamb wrote:
>     Wait, wait.  Hold on a sec.  Ubuntu touches almost 2 dozen thousand
> packages, maintains no less than 5 different front ends (GNome, KDE, XFCE,
> Edu and netbook) and somehow KDE3 would be too difficult!?  ...  Uhhhh, no.

Uhhh, yeah.
K-ubuntu. Kuh-buntu...The K means "supported by a tiny group of peeps working 
hard with few resources". Canonical does not give them much in the way of 

>     That way it is a full year until 3.5.10 is dropped and allows for 18
> months past that which should take it to the LTS of 4.x.  It gives 4.x time

Again, this conversation isn't with the people releasing KDE or Kubuntu, so 
it's really not important what we "decide" or debate, except to debate. The 
decision has been made, and there is a lot of momentum now, so I don't foresee 
any change back to 3.5.x.
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