Beta 8.10 released

Billie Erin Walsh bilwalsh at
Wed Oct 8 04:36:37 BST 2008

On 10/07/2008 Art Alexion wrote:
>  Thinking of Linux users as all beta testers plays into the fears of
>  those who cling to the commercial OSs, that Linux is a toy for the
>  hobbyist, and not usable by the masses or ready to support the
>  enterprise.  While that isn't true today and hasn't been for a while,
>  I
>  fear that those who force the adoption of a work in progress as the
>  default, and those who say that all Linux users are beta testers, feed
>  that misconception.

It was me that said that all users of the free versions of Linux are 
beta testers for the commercial release that each company puts out on 
the market. This commercial release is the bread and butter for these 
companies. It's what pays the bills so that "we" can use a free OS that 
is cutting edge.

I said this because every distro that I know of does not run as cutting 
edge software in their commercial releases as they have in their free 
versions. Novell does it. Red Hat does it. I'm sure Canonical (sp?) does 
it to. Perhaps someone KNOWS for sure, does the commercial version of 
Ubuntu run the latest software or does it lag a bit behind 8.10 in some 
respects. Note I didn't say Kubuntu because I don't know if Kubuntu has 
a commercial variant. If it does I'm willing to bet that it doesn't use 

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