list of installed files during "make install"

P Kapat kap4lin at
Tue Oct 7 04:15:52 BST 2008

On Mon, Oct 6, 2008 at 2:52 PM, Martin Laberge <mlsoft at> wrote:
> a simple use of checkinstall:

really? are there any subtle assumtions?

> cd mydirectory
> configure
> make
> checkinstall
> # you then have a .tgz a .rpm or a .deb in your directory
> # install package as usual
> dpkg -i mypackage.deb   ### or wathever other method
> (for sure, you edited your /etc/checkinstallrc BEFORE,
>  to make sure the defaults are all ok ) (ex: select tgz,rpm,deb)
> there are few params to check, and even less to change on first use.
> edit the file, read it, correct a default when you are sure what you do.
> when not sure, dont touch it.
> 2 minutes config, endless uses... endless personal packages ready to put there.

Well, this certainly wasn't a 2 min job! I've already spent 4 hrs
without success. As I mentioned before I DO NOT have root access to
the RHEL machine where all this is being done. Anyway, the first thing
was to install checkinstall - that itself turned out to be a huge
pain. But let me put that aside. After I got it working here is the
error I get (while trying to install checkinstall itself)

tar: /usr/src/redhat/SOURCES/checkinstall-1.6.1.tgz: Cannot open:
Permission denied
tar: Error is not recoverable: exiting now

Building RPM package... FAILED!

Whatever I try this PATH is hardcoded into the script somewhere, very
likely in rpmbuild. I do not want to create source srpm files...

OK. I saved this mail and was digging around a little more. Here is
what I found after another hour:
The huge assumption that checkinstall is making is that the user has
root access to the machine! In the end rpmbuild spit out an error like

RPM build errors:
    Could not open
/usr/src/redhat/RPMS/i386/checkinstall-1.6.1-1.i386.rpm: Permission

Note: This is comes from a direct call to rpmbuild from the tmp
directory that checkinstall created, using the spec file therein.

So, has anyone ever used checkinstall/rpmbuild in a non-root
(non-sudo, non-su) environment?
Any solutions from the checkinstall gurus here?

Now its almost  5 hrs behind this from 2 minutes!!!!!!

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