Beta 8.10 released

Chris Jones jonesc at
Mon Oct 6 20:41:22 BST 2008

> i use thunderbird to access my gmail using IMAP, and it's not slow at
> all! i used kontact when i first started using linux to access gmail
> using POP3, but didn't like the result too much. that was gmail's fault
> actually. but as for IMAP, i never used it kontact, but at the same
> time, never had any problem with it on hunderbird, so i can't see how it
> could be gmail's fault. :S

I agree with you. I personally think that kmails IMAP support is flawed
by designed. Any implementation that feels the need to offer the user
"IMAP" and "Disconnected IMAP" is, in my opinion, broken by design.
"IMAP" doesn't let you read any emails offline, even if you have already
 read them online, whilst "Disconnected IMAP" lets you read email
offline, but insists on downloading all emails all the time. Both work
very slowly for me using a (non-gmail) IMAP server.

Thunderbird has none of these problems. It only has one sort of IMAP
with the best of both types. It is very fast and once I have read an
email online it is available offline. OPtions exist to let you download
all email if you want, for full offline reading.

I love the look and feel of kmail and the fact it would integrate into
KDE desktop better, and would use it if I could. But its IMAP support
fundementally sucks, and as such I always use thunderbird now.

gmail might have its own problems, but please don't blame it for all of
kmail's issues.

cheers Chris

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